An Introduction

As I have scoured the football blogs scattered all over the internet, there was one thing that I noticed – nobody has really blogged about trying to learn and experience a new league (I, of course, may be wrong). Hence, it is my intention to do something along these lines and this post is to simply inform about the details of this series.


The basic idea of this series is for me to learn all about a new football league and to share my learning with everyone. I will be supporting a team throughout the season and will have match reports from their games as well as background on the league, team and anything else I find interesting.


The league I have chosen is the Chilean league (or as it’s more commonly known the Campeonato Petrobras. I understand that it seems a bit strange to pick a league that is already half way through but I don’t care. It was chosen for possibly being the most confusing league system in the world.


This is where the series gets interesting. The team that I support will be reader chosen and I have absolutely no say in this. I will bring out a separate post with a short bit on each team and you can vote at the end of this post or by tweeting me.

The plan is for this to be a regular, interesting series where I can learn and hopefully turn people on to a new and exciting league. Of course, leave your feedback on what team I should support down below or over on Twitter and I will hopefully announce what team I will be supporting around the 23rd of this month.



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