The Underrated – Carlos Martínez

The latest underrated player to be profiled is Real Sociedad right back Carlos Martínez. Here is some more about this underrated player…

To be a star in La Liga today, you have to play for either Real Madrid or Barcelona or score many, many goals a season. Outside of Real and Barca, many people could not tell you about many of the good players that ply their trade in Spain’s top division. One such player is the Real Scoiedad right back Carlos Martínez and here is some more on Martínez


Born in Lodosa, Spain in 1986, Martínez began his career with Real Sociedad. He made his professional debut for the Real Sociedad “B” team during the 2004/05 season. The following season Martínez established himself in the B side making 26 appearances in the Second Division B. He spent the 2006/07 season with the B side as well before being given his opportunity when Sociedad were relegated from La Liga in 2007. He was called up to the Real Sociedad squad and made 15 appearances in his debut season and has since gone on to establish himself in the Sociedad team with Martínez not making less than 20 league appearances in the last 5 seasons.

Martínez has been a loyal servant to Sociedad
Martínez has been a loyal servant to Real Sociedad


One of Martínez’s main strengths is his work ethic. He covers so much ground during a game and does not give up on lost causes (just watch). That type of determination and attitude can’t be coached and is so valuable to coaches the world over. Martínez is also a reliable and consistent performer, churning out solid performance after solid performance and rarely making a mistake. As a right back this is absolutely crucial as reliability in defence is what every team wants. Martínez may not be the greatest footballer in the world but he is a consistently reliable performer who works hard and rarely makes a mistake. He is undoubtedly one of the first names on the team sheet at Sociedad as he gives coaches and fans peace of mind down the right hand side. If you were looking to make a comparison then think towards a player like Alvaro Arbeloa – solid and dependable.

“…he is a consistently reliable performer who works hard and rarely makes a mistake…”


Perhaps Martínez’s weakness is that he is not a Dani Alves-like full back going forward however, within the Real Sociedad team, he is not expected to be like Alves. The expectation is not for him to rack up goals and assists but rather make a small contribution. However, apart from that, Martínez does not really have a weakness which is what you would expect from a solid and reliable full back.

"...The expectation is not for him to rack up goals and assists..."
“…The expectation is not for him to rack up goals and assists…”

So, Carlos Martínez is an underrated player not because of his pure footballing ability but rather because of his selfless dedication to the cause. He is a reliable, hard working player and there are undoubtedly managers and fans worldwide who yearn for a player like Martínez. He may not be the most fashionable player in the world but he is an important one for Real Sociedad especially this season with their Champions League adventures.


A big thank you to @FootballTalk_UK for the suggestion. If you would like to leave a suggestion for the next underrated player to profile or you would just like to leave some feedback then you can do so either here or over on Twitter (details on the right). It is all greatly appreciated.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of “The Underrated”.



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