Poor Potosí, Loads of Goals & Muted Celebrations – The Chilean Experience Week 3

Another week and another update from Eion Smith on how his experience supporting Universidad de Chile is going…





A dream week for La U. Real Potosí were swept aside with consumate ease ensuring progress in the Sudamericana for Universidad. The team also picked up their first league win of this season with the comfortable dispatching of Cobresal at home. Eight goals scored and none conceded also makes for happy viewing as well.


What a week! 8 goals, none conceded and two victories to really excite the fans. This is what you expect from a club with the size, stature and history of Universidad de Chile. Of course, I also made some observations that I want to share with you this week.

First, I would like to give props to Real Potosí who were so awful midweek that I’m pretty sure they did not have an attempt on goal in the entire game. It’s unbelievable that Universidad lost to them in the first leg and I doubt that neither the defence nor Johnny Herrera will have had an easier game ever. And the one Real player who really summed up their performance was Bolivian goalkeeper Eder Jordan. He managed to flap and fumble his way through the 90 minutes. He came for a corner behind a cluster of players, gave away a penalty and generally didn’t give off an air of confidence. Quite frankly, Real Potosí didn’t really give a good impression of Bolivian football to me.

This week saw goal after goal fly in for Universidad and it has been coming. The past couple of weeks has seen the team create chance after chance but none have gone in. This week the whole team has been clinical in front of goal and that includes the much maligned (by me) striker Isaac Díaz. He finally began to look like a half decent striker as he won both penalties midweek and generally put himself about. However, while he scored 2 of the 8 goals this week, he did not score the best one. That honour jointly goes to Charles Aránguiz and Gustavo Lorenzetti for their goals against Potosí. Both were stunning strikes and I can’t choose which is better. All of these goals will boost confidence hugely and in just seven short days, the season looks a little bit more promising.

A problem I have found with supporting Universidad de Chile is the kick off times. Chilean football requires dedication and late nights to follow. This is a problem for me. I watch the games but when Universidad score I have to stifle my celebrations to ensure that I don’t wake anyone up. It’s a challenge especially when you see strikes like Lorenzetti and Aránguiz’s and have to just nod to show your joy. It’s completely worth it though.

My player of the week this week is a tough one to call this week. However, I am going to go with Ramon Fernández. He was crucial to both victories this week and ran the show in both games. He also got on the scoresheet against Cobresal. He is crucial to the Universidad midfield and looks set to have a brilliant season.


Universidad de Chile have only one game this week and it’s another difficult away trip. This time La U are off to Ñublense in the league looking to continue their winning ways. Also, it will be one whole month since the beginning of The Chilean Experience and there will be player and goal of the month awards.

That was Week 3 of The Chilean Experience and I hope you enjoyed it. If you are watching along with me then let me know your thoughts here or on Twitter (@LongBallFoot). Check back next week for Week 4.



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