Magnificent Seven – Twitter Faux Pas’

The latest edition of the list series focuses on the dangerous mix of footballers and social media site Twitter (note: tweets may contain some strong and offensive language)…

A not so honourable mention for Livingston getting personal

A little personal from Livi
A little personal from Livi

Livingston have had a turbulent history with amazing highs and desperate lows and this mistake on Twitter certainly wasn’t a high point. Fans and followers were confused and maybe a little frightened by the fact that a strange man named Douglas was going to drop them off at the top of Craigshill. The tweet was signed off with Dad leaving followers to question what their father was doing running the Livingston Twitter account. The tweet was swiftly removed from the site but not before widespread laughter and ridicule.

7. Jonjo Shelvey’s tackle

It was a different kind of tackle that gets Shelvey on the list
It was a different kind of tackle that gets Shelvey on the list

When you are a young footballer who has just joined one of the biggest clubs in the country, it is probably best if you keep your head down and nose clean for a while. Sadly, for Jonjo Shelvey, a tackle let him down. Unfortunately for his shocked followers it wasn’t a sliding one but a male one instead. Yes, there was a photo of a male penis on his account. Shelvey rather quickly took it down and attributed the offending photo to “one of my mates messing around with my phone!” but the damage had already been done with the story appearing in national papers the next day.

6. Joey Barton

Serial tweeter Barton is always outspoken
Serial tweeter Barton is always outspoken

The controversial Scouser has become noted for his tendency to speak his mind but this has not always been a good thing. He first shot to Twitter fame with his outbursts against the Newcastle heirachy and has since gone onto turn his anger towards Neil Warnock, Didi Hamann, Alan Shearer, QPR and Neymar. Perhaps his most controversial outburst stemmed from the Neymar one. Neymar’s fellow Brazilian Thiago Silva didn’t know who Barton was and basically told him to shut it so Joey took the high ground once again by tweeting “Are you Pre-op or Post-op? #transsexual #thiagosaladyboy”. Classy…

5. Ashley’s not a fan of the FA

This ended well for Ashley
This ended well for Ashley

A witness in the John Terry/Anton Ferdinand racism case, Cole was clearly not too happy with the outcome or the governing body’s judgement of his character. Cole has never been one for subtlety over the years and this tweet continued the trend. It didn’t take hawk-like vision for the FA to see this and the #BUNCHOFTWATS (Cole’s words) decided to take a #BUNCHOFMONEY (£90,000) from him for his troubles.

4. Szczesny rates Ramsey’s appearance

Good one Wojciech...
Good one Wojciech…

Aaron Ramsey sent out an innocuous tweet one day with a picture attached of him on a day out at the golf course. Little did he know that this would become noted for a controversial reply from his team mate and journalist nightmare Wojciech Szczesny. The Polish keeper thought it would be funny to say that Ramsey looked “like a rapist”. The Welshman laughed it off as a joke but neither the Arsenal nor the FA found it funny with both warning Szczesny about his future conduct on Twitter.

3. Frimpong’s Not So Dench Tweet

"That's not dench!"
“That’s not dench!”

More famous for saying “dench” all the time than actually playing football, Frimpong made headlines with a very controversial response to some abuse from a Tottenham fan. While the Spurs fan wasn’t exactly that nice (“I prayed you break your arms and legs”), Frimpong took it to a new, and totally unnecessary, level. With a response that simply said “scum yid”, many will be wondering what the fuss is about. “Yid” is a term that has anti-Semitic connotations meaning that Frimpong’s tweet landed him in hot water with the FA despite it’s rapid removal from the internet.

2. Cold food lands Rio in hot water

Rio's never noted for his intelligence
Rio’s never been noted for his intelligence

Another Twitter faux pas from the Terry/Ferdinand racism case comes courtesy of Anton’s brother Rio Ferdinand. A noted tweeter with a large number of followers, Rio gets thousands upon thousands of messages from his followers every day. Sadly, he chose to reply (and agree with) this one regarding Ashley Cole. It caused uproar around the country because it was deemed racially offensive (“choc ice” basically meant that Cole was black on the outside and white on the inside or to be blunt, a sellout). Smart considering it was in the middle of a racism trial. Needless to say Ferdinand got fined by the FA but people won’t forget this tweet.

1. This Knight isn’t noble

The worst football tweeter by far
The worst football tweeter by far

The Twitter rap sheet of Leon Knight is interesting to put it mildly. The journeyman striker has feuded with “celebrity WAG” Danielle Lloyd and her husband, Wolves midfielder Jamie O’Hara, over disparaging remarks made by Knight with the basic idea being that Lloyd was a little promiscuous. He was also the first player in Irish league history to be banned for Twitter comments in February last year before being released in June by Glentoran for homophobic comments posted. The final straw was in September last year when his account was suspended due to an account he was running called “Slut Alert Pictures”. The premise was that he would post pictures sent in by guys of their ex-girlfriends who just so happened to be not wearing much in them either. These were all uploaded without the permission of the women to top it all off. That all makes Leon Knight one giant faux pas and number one on the list.

There is the list. Let me know if you agree or disagree as there were so many that didn’t make the list. Of course, suggestions are welcome for future editions as well. Stay tuned for more.



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