MOTD Observations – 21 September

It’s that time again, as The Long Ball points out some stuff from Match of the Day. Not everything is relevant, useful or clever…

1. No Change Is Good

It’s nice to hear the Match of the Day theme every Saturday and know that it hasn’t undergone any BBC “change with the times” like so many other shows (looking at Question of Sport and Blue Peter here)

2. New Addition To The Hate List

The newest member of the newly named “hate list”

Ross Barkley joins Stoke on the “hate list” (name that was just given to it now) because of his sheer unlikability. Now he is a talented player – no denying that – but his attitude sucks. He tries to do everything himself and gives off an air of arrogance that came through when he was barely tackled by Mark Noble but somehow thought that he was big and bad enough to flail his arm. Oh, and he should have been sent off for assaulting Ravel Morrison.

3. Konami Modelling Secrets


It seems Konami have been rumbled with regards to how they lazily modeled Rafael in PES 2014 – they just used a picture of Romelu Lukaku!

4. O-Baines-sis?

Leighton Baines may have scored twice but, no matter what, he’ll always like someone whose style hasn’t got past the 90s yet. Don’t Look Back In Anger Leighton, eh? (Sorry!)

5. Goalless Graham

Poor Danny Graham. He just can’t score a goal. At all. Even worse for the Hull striker, all his Match of the Day clips are usually him missing or being offside. That’s it.

6. Remy’s Different Gravy

Newcastle fans rejoice! You have a good goalscorer! With Papiss Cisse more unreliable than a 70s car at the moment, it appears Remy is going to be the man for a while. It will come as no surprise to fans who have watched him before. He’s different class and should really be in the Champions League. Newcastle have got a great deal there.

7. The Aluko Goal

Wow! Just wow! How good was Aluko’s goal? Goal of the day without doubt. The technique and control on the move was incredible. Ridiculously good.

8. Brucie Don’t Care


Another awkward Lineker interview produces a lovely moment. When Gary commented that Sone Aluko’s sister had scored for England that day, Steve Bruce gave the most unenthusiastic, generic answer ever. Brucie don’t care!

9. Awful Liverpool

Liverpool were just the worst performers by far. They made Sunderland look like they played well. There was no cohesion, passing, creativity or defensive ability. Southampton didn’t even have to try too hard to win. At Anfield! Truly awful!

10. Sessengon – A Difference Maker

This tweet sums it up really. Sessengon last season was one the differences for Sunderland in close games. Now he’s gone, who is that guy now? Garnder? Cattermole? Adam Johnson? Doubtful. Not looking good for the Black Cats even this early on.

11. Sit Down Ramires

The Chelsea/Fulham match was mostly uneventful until Ramires decided to go down in the area under minimal (at best) contact. Now, if you are going to dive (something The Long Ball does not condone), you could at least throw yourself to the floor and add a couple of rolls in. Do not, under any circumstance, pull a Ramires and sit down. You won’t get the decision and you’ll look like a massive tool.

12. Bloated Chelsea

Just looking at the bench and stands at Stamford Bridge, you quickly realise how big the Chelsea squad is. You also realise how much of it they don’t need. Players like van Ginkel and Willian will get paid well to sit around for most of the season. And the worst part – Chelsea still feel they need to buy more.

13. Kozak The Horrible

The last time new Villa striker Libor Kozak played English opponents, he missed at least four glorious chances against Spurs for Lazio. Fast forward to the game at Carrow Road and he missed a seemingly simple one. Did he seriously think hitting it straight at John Ruddy from six yards out would get him a goal? Why?! He scored a few seconds later, though, so silver linings and all that.

14. #DontGoHansen

This is an observation and a call to arms. Having seen the debacle that was Savage and Owen a few weeks ago, it has been decided that there will be a Twitter campaign using #DontGoHansen to ensure that Alan stays. He’s the only excellent analyst MOTD has and while people like Robbie Fowler have potential, we still need Hansen on our screens. So, if you read this tweet your support using the hashtag and keep Alan on our screens.

There are another set of observations. If you disagree or want join in on any of the running themes then you can either here or on Twitter.



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