MOTD Observations – 28 September

Another Saturday night means another edition of Match of the Day and that means another MOTD Observations. Yet again, not particularly useful…

1. Exciting Highlights

The opening highlight of the opening game on Match of the Day can really set the tone for the rest of the broadcast. A Phil Jones cross that came to nothing is not a good way to start. It did sum up Manchester United’s performance though.

2. Amalfitano The Steal

Not an eyelid was batted nor a head turned when Steve Clarke brought Morgan Amalfitano to the Hawthorns on loan in the summer. Yet, the Marseille man is quickly settling into the Premier League and has begun to turn in some good performances. One to watch

3. David? Or Woy?

This Manchester United start under David Moyes is somewhat reminiscent of the beginning of the Roy Hodgson era at Liverpool (and we all know how that went). Some unconvincing wins, not great football, bad losses to mid-table clubs (no offence Baggies fans) and a distinct lack of passion from the majority of the players suggests that David might quickly become United’s Hodgson. There’s still a little time for him though.

 4. The Second Best Reaction Ever

Saido Berahino scored the winning goal at Old Trafford against United at the age of 20. So obviously, he was asked how it felt. After a second of deliberation, he said quickly and to the point (with no noticeable emotion of course), “it’s great”. Not quite “oof” but it’s up there.

5. Slick City

The kit that all kits should aspire too
The kit that all kits should aspire too

The Manchester City kit at Villa Park was beautiful. There’s nothing quite like a simple black kit with gold detail making the City kit a favourite already. It still has some way to go to beat the Lille third kit of last season (pictured above).

6. Oh Motty…

John Motson is a legend. He is an experienced football man who has seen it all and called the action. Sadly, he was wrong at Villa Park when he said, “in my view if the player is just about level, you’ve got to give the advantage to the player”. I wouldn’t argue this point if there was any doubt about the offside call but there wasn’t. El Ahmadi was clearly offside rendering Motty wrong and linsemen a continual nuisance to football fans.

7. The Best Worst Goal Ever

Aston Villa managed an incredible feat when they scored the best worst goal ever. A long kick from Brad Guzan right through the centre of the City defence to Andreas Weimann who toepokes it in past a running Joe Hart. It was the best for its sheer simplicity. It was the worst for the appalling defending. What were Nastasic and Kompany doing just watching it? More importantly, why did Joe Hart just run at Weimann?

8. London Overlooked

Whoever does the order for Match of the Day needs their head seen to. Why was a London derby with a few incidents put on third when a dull United loss was on first? Makes no sense at all

9. Fernando Wolverine

Hugh Jackman better watch his back. Looks like a certain Fernando Torres is auditioning for the part of Wolverine judging by what he did to Jan Vertonghen.


It appears that Mike Dean may be a prison guard from Arrested Development outside football. That’s surely the only explanation why he sent Fernando Torres off for jumping with Jan Vertonghen for a high ball. Then again, Torres should have been sent off earlier but still… NO TOUCHING!

11. Winding Back The Years

Arsenal’s start to the season strikes up memories of the mid to late 2000s. Arsenal would destroy everyone until Ferbuary or March and then spectacularly implode. Usually to do with Barcelona. So if you see Barcelona vs Arsenal in the Champions League knockout stages, it’ll happen again.

12. The Life of Bryan

Bryan Ruiz scored a beautiful goal for Fulham against Cardiff and it kind of sums him up. He’ll contribute very little to the cause all season but then will do something so ridiculously good that he’ll be forgiven for being lazy and useless. For now, Bryan is forgiven.

13. Mutch Shock

Jordan Mutch scored an even better goal than Ruiz and, consequently, turned what had to be one of the least appealing games of all time into something that might actually be remembered by people. Which is a shock seeing as Fulham were involved.

14. The Balding Moroccan

Did anyone else notice the blatant bald spots on Marouane Chamakh? Must be the stress of actually having to play for his wages.

15. Hipster Goal

Pablo Osvaldo wears big glasses, wears skinny jeans and enjoys alternative music. He is your bog-standard hipster. He also scored today for the first time. Thought it would be nice to show him some love. Moving on…

16. No More Beetroot

Since Rickie Lambert actually scored, this is relevant – can everyone stop harping on about the fact that Mr Lambert worked in a beetroot factory! That fact has been BEETen into the ground and everyone should PACK it in. Nobody must head down this ROOT again.

17. The Cowardly Wall

When is lifting your foot up an acceptable effort in a defensive wall? When you play for Crystal Palace apparently. Ian Holloway should be furious with that as should each and every Palace fan. Not a good sign for a team near the bottom.

18. #BrucieDontCare

Brucie Don't Care 2

This week #BrucieDontCare about what you call diving. He clearly did’t care about Sam Allardyce’s choice of words concerning Robbie Brady’s perfect triple somersault with pike that scored a 9.3. Diving, cheating, simulation – Brucie Don’t Care!

19. Punditry Excellence

Last weeks call for Alan Hansen to stay was justified but if he doesn’t (and he probably won’t) then the BBC could do nor worse than Danny Murphy as a regular. He was insightful and came across as a real knowledgeable pro instead of a nattering idiot like a Michael Owen, Robbie Savage or Alan Shearer. Also, praise has to go to Roberto Martinez. He is a very likable man and made good points without sounding like a tool. Shame he manages Everton.

There were the observations from Match of the Day. If you have any of your own then share them on Twitter or over on the Long Ball’s Facebook.



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