Major Injuries, Unbeatable Keepers & Title Chances – The Chilean Experience Week 8

Another week means another Chilean Experience and, once again, it is another good week…





Week 8 proved to be mostly positive for La U with both games ending in victory. The midweek win over Lanus was impressive but Universidad were unable to overturn the first leg deficit and are out of the Copa Sudamericana. The away trip to champions Unión Española saw the team leave with an impressive win and another three points in the hunt for the Apertura title.


I’ll begin this week with a big thank you to everyone who made Week 7 of The Chilean Experience the most popular week ever (and by a long way too). And now onto the good bit.

Midweek in the Sudamericana saw another salvage job attempt by Universidad at home. This one, sadly, failed but not because of a poor performance. Unlike the last one against Real Potosi, there was a decent defence backed up by a brilliant keeper – Augustin Marchesin in Lanus’ case. Despite his hilariously awful dive during a confrontation with Isaac Diaz, Marchesin was the star of the show and spent the final twenty minutes making save after save to keep the score 1-0. I must say though Universidad can hold their heads up high as they showed Lanus to be entirely beatable and left me wondering what could of been had there been some proper defending in the first leg.

Goalscorer Charles Aránguiz (blue) in action against Lanus in the Sudamericana
Goalscorer Charles Aránguiz (blue) in action against Lanus in the Sudamericana

Since there is no more Sudamericana to distract Universidad, the focus turns to the Apertura title where the win at Unión Española was a huge boost. It lifts the team up into fourth and only three points back. This is massive with just eight games to go and I don’t see why Universidad can’t win it. There is just that bit of extra quality about La U that will see them to the title.

Despite the positives of the latest victory, it was somewhat marred by a serious injury to Juan Ignacio Sills. The defender scored but was taken off with a knee injury which turned out to be pretty serious. It was serious enough to keep him out for up to six months according to the club. I certainly hope he makes a full recovery quickly.

The joy of scoring at Unión was short lived as Juan Ignacio Sills (r) was forced off with a serious injury
The joy of scoring at Unión was short lived as Juan Ignacio Sills (r) was forced off with a serious injury

Finally, a quick note on the second Player of the Month – it will be up soon and the actual Player of the Month will be announced on The Long Ball’s Instagram exclusively (


With Universidad out of the Sudamericana, Week 9 of The Chilean Experience is a quiet one. There is just one game but it sure is a big one. La U welcome third place O’Higgins in a clash that could be pivotal to the title aspirations for both teams.

That was Week 9 of The Chilean Experience. Check out previous weeks, leave feedback and follow The Long Ball on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.



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