Liabilities, Refereeing & A New Nickname – The Chilean Experience Week 9

It’s been a quiet week on the Universidad de Chile front but, as always, that doesn’t deter. Here’s Week 9…




Just the one game this week but it was a big one. La U faced a resilient O’Higgins side that were also in contention for the title so a tight game was expected. And that was exactly what we got as neither team was able to find a winner.


Despite there only being one game this week, there is plenty to cover so onwards…

First, the line up from Marco Figueroa did seem a bit botched together and it showed in the performance. There was no creativity, passing or defensive ability (more on that later). I understand squad rotation but this seemed like rotation for the sake of rotating. And don’t even get me started on Patricio Rubio being shunted out wide.

The defending from Universidad is not what you’d call solid at the best of times and the O’Higgins game was not one that inspired confidence. The huge amount of space afforded to O’Higgins for their goal was a really bad joke which no La U fan found funny. Perhaps worst of all though was the performance of Roberto Cereceda at left back. Clearly way out of position, Roberto proceeded to play O’Higgins onside for their goal, prat around with the ball, foul everything that moved and almost give away another goal when he allowed a high ball to bounce in his own half rather than head it clear. To make matters worse, he then hauled down the striker who got the ball and was clean through but somehow stayed on the pitch. Everytime he got the ball was a low point in the game. If you look up the word liability in the dictionary then there should be a picture of Cereceda next to it.

Captain Jose Rojas in action against O'Higgins. He was also one of three called up to the Chilean national team this week
Captain Jose Rojas in action against O’Higgins. He was also one of three La U players called up to the Chilean national team this week

What ruined the game as a spectacle for me was referee Patricio Polic. For some unknown reason, he decided to whistle every time someone went down regardless of contact or context. However, if there was a brutal tackle flying in then it was fair game. Just totally moronic refereeing. Plus, he went and deliberated with the fourth official twice for a minute each time for no obvious reason whatsoever. And he didn’t give Universidad a clear penalty near the end. Awful. Just awful.

It’s been a while since I nicknamed a player (seven whole weeks of The Chilean Experience if I’m not mistaken) but I have a new one for my most favouritest person in the whole wide world, Isaac Díaz – “Bobo”. That translates as “fool” which is the nicest word I can use to describe him.

Finally congratulations are in order for vice-captain Johnny Herrera, captain Jose Rojas and player of the month Charles Aránguiz who are linking up with the Chilean squad for their upcoming World Cup qualifiers. Manager Jorge Sampaoli has called the three up for the games away to Colombia and at home to Ecuador. Here’s hoping they play, do well and (by far the most important of the lot) don’t get injured.


Another big game for Universidad against a team above them in the league in Week 10 with the trip to fifth place Deportes Iquique. Iquique are only two points ahead of La U so a win is vital. Plus, there will be a recap of how the three Universidad players on international duty did.

That’s Week 9 of The Chilean Experience. Week 10 will not be up until the 20th (at the earliest). If you did enjoy this then feel free to leave feedback here or on Twitter or Facebook.



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