Magnificent Seven – Greatest Saves

Magnificent Seven returns after a long break with the seven greatest saves ever…

7. Valdes Tries Hard

Getting in at number seven on this list is the hugely overrated Victor Valdes. Error prone and not very good at basic goalkeeping, Valdes seemingly only plays for Barcelona because Pinto is even worse than him. Oh, and he does this occasionally. Stupidly good stuff from him here.

6. Déja Vú

Above Valdes is the man who is (easily) keeping him out of the Spain side, Iker Casillas. Not quite as impressive as the Valdes attempt but he does repeat it at the same ground against the same team. Marks for consistency.

5. Deflection? No Problem

Bogdan Lobont is a goalkeeper who has been at a few major European clubs – Roma and Shakhtar Donetsk to name a couple. This save, though, comes from his time at Ajax. Seeing a deflected shot late and keeping it out despite going the wrong way to begin with. That’s impressive.

4. The Most Famous Save Ever

Most regard this as the best save of all time and it certainly is the most famous. It might only be number four but there is no denying the quality on show from Gordon Banks as he denies a Pele header in the 1970 World Cup.

3. The Dudek Miracle

Jerzy Dudek made a few howlers in his time at Liverpool but he will be forever loved at Anfield in part due to this save in the 2005 Champions League final. Stopping an Andriy Shevchenko header firstly was pretty good but it was the follow up save which really took the breath away.

2. Seaman The Cat

David Seaman was a solid and dependable goalkeeper for Arsenal and England for well over a decade but his career will only really be remembered for those goals by Nayim and Ronaldinho. However, this save in the 2003 FA Cup semi final against Sheffield United defies belief. Even cats have fewer movements through the air than Seaman did for this save.

1. The Flying Frenchman

The top spot belongs to Frenchman Gregory Coupet. Away at the Nou Camp, Coupet was given a backpass that was going over his head and in. He miraculously managed to do a diving header onto his own bar and then stop Rivaldo’s follow up. A truly outstanding piece of goalkeeping and the best save of all time.

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