Abandonment – The Chilean Experience Week 11

The Chilean Experience returns this week following a weekend of controversy…




The Clasico Universitario was abandoned with La U trailing league leaders Católica 1-0 at the National Stadium. The authorities have since awarded the win to Católica without playing the final half hour as a punishment to Universidad de Chile.


What a shambles! That’s all that can be said about the Clasico on Sunday. Firstly though, I want to send my best wishes to Fernando Meneses who undoubtedly is still in hospital after being struck on the head by the deadly ticker tape. Now…

The whole issue with the abandonment is that it was not made clear to anyone what was going on. This seems to be a problem in South America where communication breakdowns are commonplace. The referee just upped and left the pitch while all the players just stood around confused. I understand taking a break due to safety if the crowd were launching projectiles or it was extremely bad but it was one roll of ticker tape. An abandonment was totally unnecessary. Joey Barton was pelted with a full Coca Cola bottle and, not only did he stay on his feet, the game wasn’t even close to being stopped. One roll of ticker tape thrown not that well has cost La U crucial points in the title race.

The world’s angriest man, Johnny Herrera, at it again

Another unsavoury sight was the scrum around the stretcher cart with Meneses on it. Media and players were crowded around and obviously not helping the medics nor the referee. It’s another poor spectacle for South America and Chile. Surely they could all wait a minute?

Johnny Herrera has also managed to annoy me again but this time it wasn’t because of his performance. His temper is, to put it mildly, pretty awful. Not only did he get booked for dissent but he hurled abuse at the referee as he walked off, Meneses as he lay on the stretcher and anyone else who was in his way. Plus he gave a post match interview that was along the lines of “everyone has it in for us”. Real smart Johnny. Good one. Oh, and congratulations on 300 appearances for the club though I have no idea how you got that many.

Some football did break out though and it wasn’t pretty. Católica were a step ahead of La U throughout and, despite being the away side, controlled much of the game. Their goal also highlighted a huge issue for Universidad de Chile. Católica hit La U on the break with such ease while Pepe Rojas started to show a little age as Ismael Sosa just burned past him. Milovan Mirosevic’s finish was awfully lucky though but Católica still deserved the win based solely on the 60 or so minutes played.


And finally, how cool did Marco Figueroa look in his shades?


Universidad de Chile are back on the road for Week 12 as they travel to 15th placed Unión La Calera. Unión have only twelve points from their twelve games thus far after their recent loss to Cobreloa. La U need a win as they now sit in fifth, eight points off the top with just five games to go.

That was Week 11. Stay tuned for Week 12 which will be up next week.



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