Simple Sherwood Is Making Things Exciting Again

Tim Sherwood has only been a Premier League manager for around 7 or 8 weeks now but has already been mocked for his seemingly “basic” tactics. However, Eion Smith thinks that “Tactics Tim” is a hero…

Go on Twitter and search for a football blogging account. Scroll through the tweets and you will probably find the words “enganche”, “trequarista” and “false 9” in there. That is what the typical internet football fan goes on about. These words mean nothing to a normal person but they are key phrases you have to know to be taken seriously online. You apparently can’t win unless you have an enganche playing alongside your false 9. And a deep lying trequarista is infinitely better than inside number 10 anchor man. And that is what is killing modern football for me.

Football is no longer simply about suporting your team now. It’s about appraising whether or not the tactical set-up on Saturday was effective enough in transition. There is no fun to be had in football anymore. I only watch my team’s games because nothing else keeps my interest. Until now, because there is a man who is my saviour. A man that is so simplistic and so unconcerned with enganches and trequaristas that he is now my hero. That man is, of course, Tim Sherwood.

(Now before I glowingly praise “Tactics Tim” I want to stress that I am not a Spurs fan nor do I like Spurs in any way, shape or form. In fact, I hate them and have done for my entire. I don’t know why but I do.)

"Does it look like I know what an enganche is?"
“Does it look like I know what an enganche is?”

“Tactics Tim”, as he has been mockingly referred to, is what the sterile world of modern football has been crying out for. He is a man who loves football but has no clue about it. He jumps, screams, shouts and twitches when a game is on. He has more mood swings than a teenage girl during 90 minutes. He is passion and heart over thought and reason. His simplicity is brilliant.

Sherwood has instilled a naivety into his Spurs side that borders on adorable. They attack constantly but couldn’t defend their goal to save themselves. Players like Erik Lamela have been cast aside for players who put in a shift like Nabil Bentaleb. In fact, Bentaleb is almost a perfect representation of Tim Sherwood’s style – lots of running. Of course, he has the ability but he is being utilised over players like Lamela and Etienne Capoue who perhaps would not put in the same amount of work as the youngster.

This is not to say that Tim Sherwood is a good manager. Far from it. I’ll be surprised if he’s still in the job this time next year but we should enjoy his run while it lasts. After all, the simple things in life are far more fun.


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