Steam Powered #1 – The Journey Begins…

Building an industrial empire from the ground up and selling it on for vast amounts of money had left Nick Sawyer bored and with nothing to do but sit in his lavish house all day. Then, one day he decided to start his own football club – a 200,000 seat stadium was constructed but acceptance into football was hard. The Football Association would only allow the new club into the Conference South but Sawyer promised to spend his way to the Premier League inside a decade. So, he hired a manager and set him to work on Steam FC. This is their journey…

It’s an intimidating place is the Steam Arena. 200,000 seats crammed into this huge bowl, blue seats looking like a plastic ocean. It was in the bowels of this concrete behemoth that I first met Mr. Sawyer.

Nick Sawyer is a brash fellow to put it mildly and, despite his obvious desire to succeed, he struck me as a man who prefers style over substance. Rather odd for a man who made his fortune in industry.

“Would you like me to send you a detailed overview of the club’s history?”


His question had thrown me for a loop. History? The club had only been in existence for about six weeks.

“Club history. Do you want it emailed to you?”

I politely accepted, simply to avoid insulting the man who held my future in his hands. Other formalities sorted, we parted ways so that I could get to work with Mr. Sawyer’s hand-picked assistant for me, Charlie Chappell.

Our first job was to sift through the trialists that had been brought  in from the local area to try and get some kind of grassroots, youth drive going. It was clear that many of these young men were not good enough with all of those in the under 21s and under 18s signed to provide the academy with base sides to work with.

The majority of the first team were on their way out but three were retained to give the squad a local touch. Lloyd Coley is a big ball winning midfielder who has enough technical ability to make a difference at this level and would be a useful squad player while goalkeeper Marcus Crabb would provide adequate cover if needed.

He's a big lad is Lloyd
He’s a big lad is Lloyd

The most promising however was Reggie Grimstead. Like Coley, Grimstead is a strapping central midfielder however that is where the comparisons end. Grimstead is a superb technician and can pass a ball superbly. He’s no soft touch either and would be ideal at our level. More importantly, he’s a local lad and has been here from the beginning so he can become the local poster boy/success story we need.

Reggie Grimstead - the local lad
Reggie Grimstead – the local lad

This is going to be an adventure…

If you want to do this challenge yourself on Football Manager, the link to the Steam workshop is here.

Stay tuned for more from Steam FC soon.



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