Steam Powered #6 – Bouncebackability

Defeat at Bromley had left questions around Steam FC and whether all their money would guarantee success. Was this the start of a glorious implosion?

Midfield wise, we were being overrun by big, physical teams and while we had competent midfielders in Kayal, Rodden, Grimstead and Coley, there was something lacking. That’s why I went after Lyon’s Jordan Ferri. He has everything I want in a midfielder and does it all with a carefree swagger.

Still, we had to bounce back from defeat at Bromley and everything was going fine on Jordan’s debut right up to the point we conceded an 83rd minute equaliser. Yeah…

Another bollocking ensued and this one really hit the boys hard. Wealdstone were destroyed with ease but did manage to break Craig Rodden’s foot but it was win after win following that with the goals flowing.

Twenty five in five thanks in large part to a tweak in formation. With Rodden out for a while, the anchor man was gone so we pushed him forward into a more aggressive ball winner right in the heart of midfield. We were instantly more dominant and controlling and when I let the boys have a little more creative licence on the pitch, the results went through the roof.

6-1 at Concord Rangers.

5-3 against Staines

5-0 at Farnborough

5-2 against Bath

It was dominance like I’d never seen. Mr. Ferri was also proving to be a difference maker and was banging in goals like no tomorrow. And when I say banging, I mean from 25 yards. Every. Single. Time.

We hit November top of the league having dropped just the five points when I received an email from Mr. Sawyer personally regarding finances…

Lots and lots of money
Mr. Sawyer likes to refer to himself in the third person

Just a small jump there then…

If you want to do this challenge yourself on Football Manager, the link to the Steam workshop is here.

Catch up with the last part of Steam Powered here.



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