Scott Allan’s Move Symbolises The Attitudes of Old Firm Fans

The Scott Allan transfer saga has been huge news in Scotland but for Eion Smith, it has just brought up plenty of anger towards the way fans from both side of the Old Firm conduct themselves…

*Disclaimer* I am not a fan of Celtic, Rangers or Hibernian. My Scottish side is Berwick Rangers since they’re the closest league club to me.
The Scott Allan summer transfer saga took a rather unexpected twist when the former West Brom midfielder decided to join Celtic – the bitter rivals of his boyhood team and the club that spent all summer drooling over him, Rangers.
That in itself is not the issue here. Far from it. In fact, this move actually makes sense for all parties. Hibs get decent money and profit on Allan as well as the permanent signing of Dylan McGeouch (who did well on loan at Easter Road last season) for nothing and the promising Liam Henderson on loan for the season. They also don’t strengthen one of their main rivals for the Championship which is a huge deal. Celtic get a player with SPL experience and of good quality to add depth while Allan gets the chance of trophies and European football. It was a no-brainer.
Unless, of course, you have no brain in the first place. Which brings me nicely on to the majority of Rangers fans. See for the last few weeks all I’ve seen is Rangers fans crowing about how it was only a matter of time before Allan joined, how he was the greatest player in history and how Hibs were basically holding him hostage. How could they do this to a boyhood Ger? Hibs were the heartless monsters in this whole story.

“…it was only a matter of time before Allan joined, how he was the greatest player in history and how Hibs were basically holding him hostage…”

Except all that was to fit their narrative. The truth was that Hibs were never going to sell to Rangers, not for the amount the Ibrox side were willing to pay. The situation is similar to the Raheem Sterling/Manchester City one in that Liverpool did not want to sell to a rival and challenged City to meet their price. City did in that case but Rangers did not. If they had really wanted Allan, they would have – like City did for Sterling – paid through the nose.
And this is where the majority of Gers fans fall down. They’re stuck in their mindset of, “why wouldn’t they sell to us, the mighty Glasgow Rangers, rulers of the universe no surrender we arra peepo” conveniently forgetting that they are still a second tier side. They might still be a name side but they do not wield that intimidation factor they once did. Not that it matters because it’s all a bitter agenda against Rangers isn’t it?
What probably didn’t help Rangers was their very public unsettling of Allan which really only resolved to have Hibs dig their heels in even harder. Not that Rangers fans would believe that. In fact, take this post from a Rangers Facebook page – Mark Warburton’s Blue & White Army no less – which brands Hibs “an extremely bitter club with a bigoted board and manager”; Scott Allan “an alleged Rangers supporter” and Celtic’s signing of him to be for only “spiteful reasons”. My favourite part is that Rangers behaved with “dignity and class as always”. The same dignity and class that saw Rangers fans lord it over everyone they were going to sign him, proceed to lowball Hibs, unsettle the player then not sign him. It was also the same dignity and class they showed when they were demoted thanks to financial irregularit… oh wait. They talked off Hibs contacting Celtic to stick it to Rangers because agenda everyone. The reason Celtic were contacted was probably because Hibs knew they could do a deal and get not only money but instant replacements as well which bolsters them for the Championship season.



“Bitter”; “spiteful”; “bigoted” – the key words to use for Old Firm fans when something doesn’t go their way

Don’t worry Rangers fans, this is not a hate piece aimed at you. In fact, I have a few Rangers friends that I can talk football with happily. I’m just as annoyed by Celtic fans and their bitterness and superiority complex. Plenty of them were giving Allan abuse and stating he wasn’t good enough for their club but celebrate his signing. It’s just this was the most relevant thing at the time of writing. Both sides of the Old Firm are stuck in this narrow minded, stay loyal to your club until you die even if you’re quite clearly wrong and have no actual knowledge or point to make. Never argue with a fan from either side of the Old Firm or you’ll end up dizzy because they’ll just take you round in circles without ever making a valid point. Everything is an agenda and when it’s not, it’s happened because someone is bitter or someone is spiteful. It’s all just so tedious and petulant.
It’s a problem that makes so much of Scottish football annoying is this petulance of Old Firm supporters. That post referred to basically every other club in Scotland as “small loser clubs” which is an appalling view to have. I don’t like both sides of the Old Firm for this and it grates at me more and more every time it rears its ugly head.
Can’t they all just take their club blinkers off and realise there is no agenda anywhere?


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