The Reading List – 25 August 2015

Welcome to a new little mini series of posts called The Reading List where you get to see what has piqued my interest in the past week or so. The inaugural edition features pieces on a forgotten Ajax legend, BATE Borisov, kit launches, Dean Ashton and Football Manager tactics…

The Leverkusen 1-2-4-1-2-0 by Jonathon Aspey

From one of the finest Football Manager blogs you can find anywhere online, Jonathon has gone into extensive detail on his most recent tactical innovation in his very successful Bayer Leverkusen save. The time and effort put into this piece certainly shines through and it is a wonderful piece of not just FM writing but football writing. Go out of your way to take a look at this and the multitude of Jonathan’s fine pieces on his site, The Tactical Annals.

Sjaak Swart: The Forgotten Genius of an Ajax Legend by Daniel Gutman

Daniel Gutman’s profile of “Mr. Ajax” on These Football Times is not only an excellent piece of writing but an excellent bit of footballing education as well. The story of a Jewish footballer that survived the Second World War to go on to become Ajax’s all-time leading appearance maker and three time European champion with the club, this is a must read for all football history fans.

Dean Ashton: The England Great That Never Was by Matt Gault

Another piece from These Football Times, Matt Gault’s look at the career of Dean Ashton brings back memories of the quality and sad misfortune of the striker. A player that had risen through the leagues to light up the Premier League saw his career cruelly destroyed by injury as he was on the cusp of international recognition makes this one of football’s great “what ifs” and a definite read.

BATE Borisov – Belarus’ Football Factory by Manuel Veth

Futbolgrad have unparalleled coverage of the issues within football in the former Soviet Union countries and through the occasionally murky backroom deals appears stories like the one of BATE Borisov. A club barely 20 years old, their rise to become the almost untouchable giants of Belorussian football is incredible and the way they have done it is commendable. If you are keen then to learn more about football in general then this piece and Futbolgrad in general is a great place to start.

The Evolution of the Kit Launch by David Marples

From a site I know well (since I also write for them *plug plug*) The Boot RoomDavid Marples takes a look at the rather bizarre and baffling rise of the kit launch as an event. Linking it to Christian Metz’s “Genre Characteristics Theory”, this is not your regular have a look at these stupid kit launches type piece but rather a well thought out and well put together piece on the strange world of the modern day kit launch.

Go ahead and check all of those pieces out because they are all fantastic. If you have any you would like to recommend then tweet me @LongBallFoot or leave a comment down below.




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