The Reading List – 23 September 2015

Another week and another Reading List. This week features Cesena, Udinese, DaMarcus Beasley, a Peruvian air disaster, early 20th century Austrian football, the merits of the proposed third European club competition and Polish ultras (again)…

The Udinese Model: An Idealistic, Flawed and Successful Template for the Modern Football Club by Richard Hall

I am not a massive fan of Squawka at times. There is some quality content on there which is sadly buried beneath the usual stat drivel and gimmick pieces that are almost commonplace. So when something like this piece comes along it is a real breath of fresh air. Richard Hall takes a look at the Udinese model and how despite modest surroundings and means, they have carved out a nice little consistent spot in Serie A. An excellent piece.

The Alianza Lima Air Disaster of 1987 by Ian Walker

These Football Times’ content is so varied and unique that there is always something to pique your interest. This week it was Ian Walker’s piece on the tragic story of a lost generation of Peruvian footballers, one that was capturing the hearts of the Peruvian people and looked set to take the world by storm. A great piece that leaves you wondering “what if?”

Remember DaMarcus Beasley on your Mount Rushmores by Ryan Catanese

Landon Donovan’s international career is often remembered as the greatest in American history but one man has been pretty much with him every step of the way – DaMarcus Beasley. Ryan Catanese makes the case for Beasley’s inclusion on the Mount Rushmore of American internationals and makes it very well. An underrated player that has played at the highest levels and is still crucial to the US side, it’s a great read.

Polish Ultras and Refugees: No Generosity Here by Christopher Lash

 Last week, Christopher Lash’s Rightbanwarsaw was featured as one of my favourite pieces from Word Ball 2015 and he’s back again with more on Polish ultras. This time he’s looking with slight condemnation at Lech Poznan fans boycotting a recent European game because 1 Euro from every ticked sold would be donated by UEFA to the ongoing refugee crisis. Short, simple and to the point, it’s an interesting look at how Poland is reacting to the crisis.

One-Timers: Cesena by Beyond The Last Man

Beyond The Last Man always has something interesting for those who are fans of footballing history and this week is no different. One-Timers is an interesting series chronicling the story of sides that have only spent one season in Europe and the story of Cesena, a rather unremarkable side that managed to make European competition in the dull world of 1970s Serie A.

Hugo Meisl and the Englishman Who Ruled Vienna by Mark Godfrey

The story of Englishman Jimmy Hogan and how he found a home abroad thanks to the Austrian Hugo Meisl. Unappreciated in England, Hogan would go on to be the influence behind the great Austrian side of the 1920s with Meisl at the helm as Austria ruled European football. The story of two early pioneers wonderfully put together and written.

Proposed New European Cup to Benefit Smaller UEFA Member States by Manuel Veth

With talk of a third continental competition, Futbolgrad and Manuel Veth  look at how the proposed new competition could benefit the smaller member states of UEFA. A series of well-put together and thought out arguments are clearly put across to give a compelling argument for the implementation of it. Excellent stuff.


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