Things are a-changing people.

That’s right, change is coming about. Firstly, all the Football Manager content you’ve enjoyed now has it’s own separate site which has had great initial support. Any and all Football Manager content produced on The Long Ball is now on that site there and all future FM content will go up on there as well but you will still see the links to that when I plug them mercilessly and shamelessly on Twitter and, if anyone actually likes the page, Facebook.

Secondly, and most excitingly, at the end of this month/start of next month The Long Ball will have it’s own free online magazine for your reading pleasure. I’m very excited personally for this as it’s coming together nicely and I’ve had some really great responses when looking for contributions. There’s such a great variety of content from people that are passionate about what they write about and it shows in their work. There will also be the usual garbage filler from myself but hey nothing’s perfect.

With all of this going on, I’ve decided to open the floor to anyone and everyone that wants to write something. If you love Football Manager and have a story to share then I’m more than willing to help you share it. If you want to write about something on real football then I have an online magazine I’d be delighted to put it in. All you need to do is get in touch on Twitter or via email (longballfootball@yahoo.co.uk).

Finally, I recently tweeted the cover of the magazine as a teaser but I’m going to share this little sneaky preview shot as well because I’m good like that.

Preview - Issue 1

Remember, get in touch and contribute!

Much love,



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