The Long Ball Issue One Is Live

The time has come. After much thought, effort and time The Long Ball Issue One is live and very much readable. It’s an exciting time for the blog and one that I’m looking forward to personally very much. What I thought I’d do is share little excerpts from a couple of pieces that are featuring in the magazine in Issue One.

Up first, Jack Wills looks at how Dundee United have fell so hard and so quickly and lays some of the blame firmly at the door of the chairman Steven Thompson:

“Last season, an adult season ticket for Dundee United would cost over £250, then when you factor in the price of away games and cup matches the cost escalates even higher. These are paying fans that put in a lot of time and money into supporting their beloved football team; these fans were cheated out of half a season by Mr. Thompson.”

Next, we have Jez Roberts’ look at the relationship between and the impact of Surinamese migration on Dutch football:

“But in 1973 Cruyff left Ajax, for a then world record fee, to go and join FC Barcelona and Dutch football returned to the periphery. The second great wave of Ajax came in the pre-Bosman world. The four stars of Louis Van Gaal’s 1995 Ajax team were all eligible to play for Suriname. Seedorf, Rijkaard, Davids and Kluivert.”

We also got a look from Mark Tanner into the incredible season of Bath City with money troubles, ludicrous changes in form and some big names thanks to the Big Bath City Bid:

“It felt like the City was finally backing its football team tucked away in the shadow of the City’s rugby team. Celebrities were even giving the Bid their backing with Ricky Tomlinson pledging his support and a little known French advert actor; Eric Cantona.”

All fantastic stuff and all well worth reading. So, the question remains – where can you read it? Well, there is a nice little image to the right of this (in your browser) or you could click this link. So easy and so, so free.

So, a big thank you to the contributors once again and if you did enjoy reading it then please let us know over on Twitter or even share it if you’re feeling fruity.

Oh, and look for Issue Two in May-time.





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