The Long Ball Magazine Issue Two Preview

Following on from a well received issue one comes issue two of The Long Ball magazine. Once again we have a wonderful group of contributors who have worked extremely hard to make their content and this magazine the best it can be. So I want to extend a huge thank you once again to them.

I also want to thank Henry Cooke for his excellent work designing a cover for this issue. Not only does he save anyone reading the magazine the horror of my bodge job graphical work, he’s taken actual time and effort to make an excellent cover that really highlights how much has changed at Newcastle United in the last 20 years.

So what do we actually have in store for you in Issue Two? Well…

David Black provides us with our cover story on the Trouble In The Toon as he takes a look at the mess his beloved Newcastle are in at the foot of the Premier League table:

“…Enter Graham Carr. A failed football league manager, Carr has carved out a career as a scout and found fame by unearthing Yohan Cabaye back in 2011. Quite how Carr picked out the captain of the double winning team in France is an unsolvable mystery…”

Meanwhile, down in the lower leagues, Mark Tanner is looking a very hot and important debating point – 3G pitches. Is there any benefit to them or are they just expensive rubbish?:

“…most top flight clubs have undersoil heating and often play with a synthetic hybrid pitch with grass and plastic. There is now 4G, 5G and even 6G pitches…”

Jack Wills has taken a look ahead to the summer of football in France as he looks at the favourites and the potential dark horses at this summer’s Euro 2016:

“…Austria are a real threat. Although not the worst country by a long way, they have not featured in an international tournament since 2008…”

We also have a Where Are They Now? and a look at cult hero Massimo Maccarone, who once made the late Middlesbrough radio commentator Ali Brownlee proclaim that Boro had “driven a stake into the heart of Dracula’s boys!”

So where can you read it? Right at this link.

Go on! Enjoy it! And let us know what you think over on Twitter.


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