It’s been a while eh?

I thought I would write this to explain the quietness of the blog and, most frustratingly, the magazine in the last couple of months. 

Essentially it boils down to my laptop deciding that after four years it was time to pack in and just flat refuse to work. It worked long enough to get the last issue of the magazine out however it was not long for the world after that. 

Therefore, I’ve been really unable to do much with regards to blog or magazine work which is annoying and the frankly shoddy WordPress app makes it impossible to produce anything of real time and effort. 

Fear not though. I am planning on a couple of book reviews that I have backdated and a couple of smaller opinion kind of things in the meantime until I can get a laptop. 

One of the books has in fact been written by someone many of you who follow my FM stuff will probably know in Chris Darwen aka @comeontheoviedo on Twitter who runs the excellent Higher Tempo Press. You can pick that up for a very reasonable price at this link

So that’s really about it. Apologies for the delay in doing this as it took me a while to get over my annoyance at the app but hopefully this should be sorted soon. 

Thanks again for the continued support!


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